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Well Being

Prices : Sur Réservation uniquement (on reservation only) :

​Bien être (therapeutic massage) 1 heure 75 €/pers.

Bien être ½ heure 40 €/pers. (2 personnes minimum)
Tête à orteils 1h ½ 120 €/pers.
Réflexologie 1 heure 75 €/pers.
Reïki 1 heure 75 €/pers.


Therapeutic massage works with oils on the skin, muscles and nerves, smoothing and soothing away tension.

Reflexology works on the basis that the feet and hands are a microcosm of the body and that pressure to specific points releases energy blockages thereby promoting balance of the body and mind.

 Reïki passes this pure energy to the recipient to encourage balance and therefore healing.

 A balanced body and mind function more positively and can help to combat the pressures and illnesses of modern every day living.