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Type of food : Gastronomic, Modern

Anne and Vincent welcome you in their little gem     « Sparks ».

We open our home for you in simplicity and kindness, as a place to live, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of everywhere, a twinkle of happiness from the sheer obviousness of shared Pleasure…

No menu to choose from in here, no à la carte either, and this is the novelty! Trust alone in the chef’s expertise led by the desire to make you discover his universe both classical and wild, taking you down dissident paths free from prejudices or taboos…


As far as wine is concerned, expect starter, fish, meat, cheese and dessert, or let yourself be guided …without thinking.


63 € menu on weekdays, 75 € for Sunday lunch.


You can add suggested dishes to go even further in the dégustation...

Most often salt-baked foie gras (21 €) or lobster (42 €)... Do not hesitate! But they are not always there!


Contrast between simplicity and complexity, with alliances of multiple but quite distinct flavors, like an invisible and refined cuisine. Respecting the product in its entirety or creating new tastes: the result of an imagination often related to dreams and instinct. Here is a spontaneous cuisine weaving its way among the seasons, a cuisine of feelings, spurred by the heart. My culinary philosophy does not change on the way, but adapts itself to fashion and the passage of time, then follows its own desires and its chef outbursts, always on the spot. As for me, my dishes are more often than not created solely with the spirit and memories, without try-out, and then it is the “Open” client who tries out and comments on. It is all about experimenting and the quest for the “Good”, on a path strewn with joys, gratitude, and an everlasting learning process. Obviously, cooking is permeated with emotions, so how could it be completely controlled when the menu is created from day to day, without a safety net, in a spontaneous and instinctive way? My cooking comes from the heart and I cannot imagine spending days and weeks to work up a dish. Feelings are not well-thought-out and a dish shouldn’t be too much either. What greater reward than to make people enjoy a product they usually dislike! The sequence of courses leads to pleasure and it is the success of the meal as a whole that will create a memory (or not).

Nowadays, strongly and vehemently, people talk of home-made cuisine, of frozen food, of the emergence of Nouvelles Cuisines, of the decline of French cuisine…, but where do we stand?


Let us not confuse the issues of home-made cuisine and frozen food that are quite separate! Let us indeed favour the chefs who make what you eat, who put their heart and soul into it, and are artisans of gustatory happiness, who have a culinary imprint, a universe, a will to do the right thing, a gustatory awareness… But let us not put aside some frozen products that are quite exceptional, given that we do talk about unprocessed products at that level, and of products that are scarce… Let us not mix everything up!


Furthermore, Spanish, Norwegian, or even Peruvian cuisines are at their best, but let us not forget that our French identity is unique, as its history! Let us not forget that most of these yonder chefs have done their training in France…, no, let us not forget it! French cuisine is doing well, but its quality is being dragged down…, so! let us wake up!!!

Every day we work with suppliers nurturing a logic of ever increasing quality and we are grateful to them.

Let us not waste their products, let us share the bread, as a treasure…

Do taste the herbs that are there for a reason, not just for decoration!

  • Menus prices
    63 € on evening

  • Timing
    Lunch from 12:00 to 13:15
    Diner open from 19:30 to 20:15

  • References
  • Guide MichelinPetit Futé
    Gault Millau,Guide Hubert,Bottin Gourmand
  • Jardin / TerrasseGarden - Terrace
  • Accès handicapésDisabled access
  • CheminéeFireplace
  • GroupesGroups
  • Salle privéePrivate room
  • DéjeunerLunch
  • DînerDiner
The Restaurant is open:
Winter: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings
Sunday noon
Summer: Every evening except Sunday
Wednesday and Friday lunch 4 courses